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 Fight hunger and poverty




     BUSINESS IN-A-BOX - Non-Profit Company



Achieve Your Dreams




Our Mission:


* To make successful, independent egg and vegetable producers from rural, unemployed people;

* To provide more skills and opportunities to get out of poverty for existing small scale farmers;

* To curb malnutrition in rural areas by providing affordable nutrition directly to those who need it most;


* To make food production in Southern Africa environmentally sustainable with bio-active fertilizers.







VeggFarming 'Business-In-A-Box' is an integrated Agro-Ecological plan.

Through the utilization of chicken manure by a microbiological process called                                     VeggFarmers will be producing their own fertilizer. Through best business and farming practices and the best equipment and tools; they will produce more and healthier eggs, fruits and vegetables. All this at lower costs to the farmer, the people of South Africa, and the environment.

VeggFarming BIAB strives to establish schools of learning called                               in rural areas, to be set on newly established working egg - and hydroponic vegetable production farms, which use the equipment and technologies outlined on this website. 

The skills, technology, and equipment are then supplied and taught to newly skilled, upcoming, small to medium-sized farmers.


Surplus bio-active fertilizer is transformed into methane/biogas through a parallel an-aerobic digester process, creating environmentally friendly energy on which the farms can operate.

The implementation of solar and wind energy will further reduce the ecological footprint and enhance the profitability and sustainability of the planned Veggspo Show Farms.

These VEGGSPOS will be the homes of VeggCademy Educational Schools. These VeggCademies will teach new VeggFarming Entrepreneurs how to establish new farming operations profitably and successfully- modeled on VeggFarming principles and technology.

Check out our social partner's website: Safe A Boy Child NPO.


We are looking for more partners that believe in our mission, especially on the financial side.

Click here to see the lucrative investment opportunities within the VeggFarming concept.


Although VeggFarming BIAB is based on the principles of non-profit, the future Veggspo Show Farms and VeggFarms

will operate on a profit basis.


All  involved believe that a new entrepreneur HAS to: 

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VeggFarming combines egg production with fruit/vegetable productions via proven production enhancing technologies; complimented by the production of bioactive liquid fertilizer from chicken manure - which serves as a nutrient to the hydroponic fruit-and vegetable productions.

- complimented by thorough education and training, plus access to finances for new VeggFarmers: designed for small to medium scale farming in Southern Africa.

No fertile land is needed. A little space (1 or 2 hectares) and water will do. 


With the education, training, support and technology that makes it possible!

VeggFarming 'Business-In-A-Box' is an all-in business model that provides all the necessary knowledge, skills, and needed coaching - combining these with the opportunity to use the best equipment and sound, sustainable, profitable agro-ecological technologies - thereby realizing REAL transformation of skills and wealth to Southern African's egg -and vegetable producing industry.


A unique concept, one that will guarantee success in the long term for Southern Africa's young, aspiring new farmers.

With the best equipment and modern technologies available in the world, which help to eradicate diseases, boost production, and ensures good farming practices.

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- 'E' Cages are our preferred poultry equipment.


VeggFarming has the technical support from Marc Legault, Senior Bio-Industrial Engineer, Bio-Industrial Opportunities Section, Agriculture and Forestry, Alberta; Canada.



German design and quality

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Become a successful egg, - fertilizer - and  vegetable  producer.




For your own benefit, for your customers and for the country

Sound business skill eduction is provided through GEI's


Build Our Rainbow Nation!


GEI's B.O.R.N. will provide both business start up and business growth training.

GEI will also monitor and coach the new entrepreneurs closely and assist them on the road to success.

Why are we doing it?


We believe that economic freedom and meaningful, gainful employment is a basic right for all South Africans.

What do we aim to achieve?

We want to educate, support, finance and nurture the capabilities of our aspiring young entrepreneurs so that they can build their own businesses and achieve financial freedom and success.

We want to create a collaboration between potential entrepreneurs, the public, business, media, government, independent expert advisers and non-governmental organisations to support and help our entrepreneurs.

Why Egg & Vegetable Farming?

Eggs and vegetables form a valuable source of high quality protein and vitamins required for normal growth, especially for children. 

Egg farming in combination with PoultryPonic vegetable farming is not difficult - anyone can become a successful farmer:


- Provided that the necessary skills, resources and equipment is in place and if prepared to work hard and be responsible.

With a growing population, there is a growing need for healthy food. The South African farming producing industry needs transformation urgently as well. A new generation of young farmers is needed to feed the growing nation, urgently.

“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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