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Donations are needed;

Good Investment opportunities are available.

From an investor perspective:

  • Share cost is R1200 per share

  • 9800 shares available

  • Investment growth: 221%

  • Dividend paid on investment: 24% per year



Buy 1 share (R1200 cost)

Share value after 5 years = R2 646,60

Dividends received during 5 years = R1440

Value after 5 years = Share value after 5 years + Dividends received during 5 years = R4 086,60

Total Gain = Value after 5 years – Initial Investment = R4 086,60 – R1200 = R2 886,60

Total Profit = Total gain / Initial Investment = R2 886,60 / 1200 = 240% profit

VEggFarming Business In-A-Box is a registered non profit company (NPC)


All donations are strictly utilized according to our misson statement:

  1. To educate, direct and mentor unemployed South Africans in business skills; which will enable these to become professional, successful entrepreneurs.

  2. To alleviate under-nourishment with poor children, by having them provided an egg and a portion of vegetables a day.

  3. To professionalize current small scale egg and/or vegetable farmers and assist them to extend their operation with hydroponic vegetable farming and/or egg production in order to boost the profitability of these small scale farmers.

  4. To use, promote and develop ecologically sound and sustainable production methods and to make these available to small and medium sized egg and/or vegetable producers.


VeggFarming Business In A Box is a Level 1 Contributor to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and, as such, your donations and investments qualify for valuable points on your company’s next BEE Certificate.

More than 90% of our beneficiaries are classified as ‘black’ – that is, African, ‘Coloured’, and Asian – and previously disadvantaged.

The racial profile is not managed by VeggFarming BiaB NPC – our beneficiaries are selected by ‘Safe a Boy Child NPO NO: 249-394 and are for over 75% qualified as ‘black’. Download attachment below, entitled Beneficiary Ratio Policy, for more information about this.

Under the new Codes for B-BBEE, Public Benefit Organisations that have 75% or more black beneficiaries are now classified as Level 1 Contributors with 135% Recognition for Procurement.

We encourage corporate entities to enter into a ‘giving agreement’ (such as a CSI/SED agreement) with us. As we are a Level 1 Contributor, and will ensure that the beneficiaries of your donations (1 – 2% of your Nett Profit After Tax, NPAT) are more than 75% black, you will be able to earn up to 135% on your spend.

In order to meet beneficiary audit requirements, VeggFarming Business In A Box NPC can provide confirmation from an Independent Competent Person regarding our beneficiary racial profile. 

​​​Please help?

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                 Bidvest Bank South Africa
Branch Code:        462005      
Account name:     Veggfarming Business
Account number: 21569615401`
BIC:                           BIDBZAJJ
Thank you very much!
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