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Hellmann Poultry Equipment from Germany

has created the perfect layer and rearing cages for small to medium sized egg farming: The E-Cage.


This equipment has all the basic elements needed for successful , profitable, biosecure egg production.


These cages are robust, they are designed in such a way that the birds cannot get hurt.  Manure is removed by conveyor belt for hygiene and health. Watering is done through nipples inside the cages. The cages are  made for a lifespan of 20 years+ of dedicated egg production.


Although feeding and egg collection has to be done by hand,   E-cages are designed in such a manner that an 'upgrade' towards a more automatic system can always  always be done, whenever this would be wanted or needed.

E-cages are suitable for eggfarming operations with between 1000-10000 birds.


A clever farmer rears it's own layer hens from one day chicks to 18 week old pullets, on which point they are moved to the layer cages. Hellmann Poultry makes great rearing cages that combine comfort for the pullets resulting in minimum losses, in maximum potential profits from healthy stress-free layer hens. 

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