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Email to Roelf Meyer, In-Transformation South Africa.

Dear Mr Roelf Meyer. I read about your announcement of the formation of the R 12.9 billion venture to support emerging farmers, through the media.  For the past 8 months, I- with the help of others - have been developing a plan to get more emerging egg farmers established in a structured, professional manner, a plan which has been positively received by the transformation committee of the South African Poultry Association and especially by their Sustainability and Development manager, Mr Christopher Mason.  The first ultimate goal of this plan is to change ambitious unemployed people in rural areas into successful new egg farmers, by providing them knowledge, equipment and access to finance. This we aim to do via the establishment of 'Eggcadamies' throughout rural South Africa, that provide various courses and useful experience on a working egg production farm/institution of learning.  The secondary - but not less important goal, is to supply children from no fee schools a nutritious egg as part of their daily food package- eggs produced by these new farmers, that are established in fairly close proximity of the schools. This would also be a nice start-up market for the fresh graduates/new farmers. A third goal is to professionalize currently operating small egg farmers that are struggling, through providing the necessary skills and if necessary, the right equipment and a bigger market share as well.  Everything is on our website,  which gets hundreds of views a month.  We do receive calls for assistance from all over the country on our email, website inbox and facebook page now as well: Our facebook page gets a lot of enthusiasm too and has accumulated over 1150 likes in the past 8 weeks or so. In fact, everyone who learns about this initiative is very positive and feels that it can make a huge positive impact to rural South Africa. We are ready to start working out details and print detailed learning materials, employ teachers, get CITA approval, set up talks to physically create the first Eggcademy of this framework as things stand:  - if funds for each phase and the daily running of the NPO could somehow be provided for? I hope and trust to get a response from you at your earliest convenience. Kind regards, Bart Onderweegs 📷 Egg Business in-a-Box 081 271 2506 056 811 5703

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