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Think big, but do it RIGHT. 

Setting up of the Poultry Pen

The poultry pen should be constructed in such a way as to ensure that it is airy, spacious and comfortable for the birds. The block work for the four corners of the pen should not be more than two couches. The rest of the wall should be covered with wire gauze for security. The things to bear in mind when erecting a poultry pen are …





the size of the gutters in relation to the size of the cages

Getting the poultry house right is so vital to running a profitable and viable layer farming business that it’s recommended to contract the services of an experienced technician for the purpose if you are not familiar with it. We would recommend C-lines from AGCO.

Battery Cages

Poultry cages are indispensable in running a large-scale layer farming business for profit. The cages come in varied sizes, quality, capacity and price to suit your budget and needs; and they are equipped with drinking nipples and feeders. It is more hygienic and less laborious; and in addition, it reduces the rate of egg breakage. Hellmann cages are considered the best due to their proven record of high production - showing that the hens are not stressed and comfortable and lowest % of Egg breakage.


Adequate feeding is very important in running a layer farming business and the birds lay eggs according to how well they are fed. As your business begins to grow, you may need to build your own feed mill, in order to maximize cost.


Clean water is vital for the survival of the birds, as well as for good sanitation. It is necessary to check the nipples from time to time to ascertain if they are all dispensing water and to ensure there is no leakage. Leaking nipples will get the birds wet and this creates another problem. Veterinary Care

You would also need to contract the service of a competent veterinarian for routine and periodic preventive vaccination for the birds.


This can be day old or ‘Point of Lay’ birds. When purchasing birds, care must be taking to buy good strains. Only buy from reputable suppliers with the needed veterinary certification.

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