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Our Ultimate Goal:


- Successful 'VeggFarmers' are feeding the nation.

All over Southern Africa.






















The Hatchery will produce flocks of around 2500 Point of Lay chickens for starting VeggFarmers and  Day Old chicks for the Veggspo Show Farms.






Veggspos will be working egg -and hydroponic production farms, which also produce organic fertilizer. They will be selling their fresh eggs and vegetables DIRECTLY to the community at producer's rates- thereby lowering the costs of nutritious food to the poor in rural Southern Africa.




















Placed on the Veggspo's are VeggCademies -institutions of learning where students can learn first hand what the egg and hydroponic vegetable production business entail, and where sound business practices are taught via the B.O.R.N concept under the guidance and with the study materials provided by GEI. This is where VeggFarmers are made.

The VeggCademies are equipped with Hellmann rearing E-cages in a rearing house;  layer E-cages in the layer chicken house, a Bio-dynamic Veggester-digester that creates liquid fertilizer manure and electricity through biogas via the chicken manure and greenhouses for the growth of vegetables and fodder according to hydroponic principals.

An E-cage is a semi-automatic layer or rearing tropical cage system with automatic manure conveyor belts but without automatic egg collection or feeding system. This work has to be done manually which reduces the initial investment costs - and needs more physical labour work.

Veggspos will be equipped for 2 x 5000 hens in 2 layer barns, and 5000 chicks to point of lays in a rearing house. In between these houses or barns or coops, the greenhouses are placed. The eggs, vegetables, and surplus produced bioactive fertilizer can be sold.  Spent hens can be sold as 'Cornish chickens', or as  backyard chicken in family production units - that will produce good eggs still for a year and more.

Those that successfully finished the program according to the moderators should be able to start operating under VeggFarming Business-In-A-Box's mentoring and guidance.




Students who 'graduated' from the VeggCademies and who want to start with their own farming enterprise, can lease-to-own E-cages, Greenhouses, and a small Bio-dynamic Veggester via the B.O.R.N. Equity Crowdfund.

VeggFarming will grow to become a community-supported initiative and we aim to benefit
the community with not only healthy affordable food but also direct financial benefits in the
form of profit-sharing in the initiative by

1. Community-based investors,
2. International investors,
3. Private local investors, and
4. Government support.


Successful candidates will be supported in the financing, building, operating, and scaling of their businesses. This phase will replicate the operational model of the Veggspo Show-farms and provide a turnkey solution to potential farmers. Start-up capital is relatively high for egg and hydroponic farming, A dedicated investment vehicle is therefore necessary to get the new farmers going.

The 'Build Our Rainbow Nation' Equity Crowdfund is based on the following:

  • Everyone should have the opportunity to invest in private companies.

  • Investors should invest in an area they know well: their own community.

  • Raising capital should be done efficiently and inexpensively.

  • Small businesses will  benefit from the investments that come from the communities they supply.





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