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Sarah van Schalkwyk

4ExecutivesOnly and EGGZPERTS founder and owner.

We bring people together to enable them to do business.
















As owner of a 5-star travel consultancy, was pleased when asked to also represent Hellmann Poultry Equipment. 


Hellmann Poultry's aim is to uplift Southern Africa's poor and marginalized through their remarkable E-Cage, designed for smaller egg farmers in developing countries . As a business woman I know that there is no business happening in a failed economy where millions are poor and under-nutritioned.


We therefore founded EGGZPERTS (Pty) LTD in late 2019, distributors of Hellmann Poultry Equipment for Southern Africa.

I made the connection with Hellmann Poultry GMBH & Co KG in 2017 arranging for their Mr Heidtmann's travels, and again in 2018 at an exhibition in the Netherlands. I felt  that their outstanding products could play a part in uplifting the poor and assist us in making Southern Africa a little better for all, just like 4ExecutivesOnly tries to do.

I endorse this initiative 100%.  

Also, egg and vegetable farming is specifically suitable for women-entrepreneurs and being a black woman myself, I can see that 'V-EggFraming Business In-A-Box' can help to uplift my fellow sisters too. 

Sarah van Schalkwyk.


+27 79 284 9327

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