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Lydia Nkosi


I'm a passionate businessperson.


I met Bart on Facebook, it all started when I saw his advert on Facebook for 'EggFarming Business In-A-Box', as it was called back then.


He immediately brought back my passion of poultry, because I used to do poultry in 2005.

I started this business in my home  backyard.

Through my internship at the department of Environment, Fisheries and Forestry I got good knowledge and understanding of the need for sustainable farming. This concept is offering that too, which made me like it very much.

I asked him how I can join because I have a little knowledge about this egg in a box idea, he explained it and I felt it would be fantastic to have this opportunity realized in my own area, which is  Middelburg, Mpumalanga Province.

I am now promoting the initiative in the area and making authorities and the people aware of this initiative that can make an enormous difference to our future!

Contact Lydia: 083 544 2328

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