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Marc Legault, P.Eng. (Right in picture) and Nick Savidov, PhD.

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"The fact is that if we don't learn how to recycle nutrients and water, we are doomed. We will start dying off from hunger. We are running out of critical, non-renewable fertilizers like phosphorus. 85 per cent of all phosphorus rock reserves on the planet, which are used to produce phosphorus fertilizers, are located in just one area — in Morocco and the Western Sahara.


In my opinion, the setup of an on-farm aerobic fermentation system for a smaller farm operation is not just possible and worthwhile, it is a necessity,"  - Nick Savidov PhD.

Nick, Marc and their research team created and tested a bio-active liquid fertilizer, which was converted from poultry manure by an aerobic digester in a soil-less greenhouse environment to raise tomatoes and grow tree seedlings.


The results were remarkable. Greenhouse tomatoes delivered 15 per cent higher yields compared to the use of synthetic fertilizer, and tree seedlings doubled in height in two months.

Marc Legault P. Eng. is a bio-industrial- and process engineer with among other qualifications; a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in agricultural biology. A researcher for the Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development-Department in Canada, he is the project leader of the Alberta Crop Industrial Development Fund (ACIDF)’s funded ‘The Development and Commercialization of Aerobic Digestion Of Poultry Manure to Produce Bio-Active Fertilizers, Project 2015C028R’ on which we will base our further research.


He has provided us the full scientific report of his work and is willing to share his aerobic digestion of poultry manure knowledge and experiences with VeggFarming BiaB NPC.

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