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Early in 2019 I was contacted by an old buddy of mine, Jacques Fourie.
Jacques is a business analyst and the owner of a business consultancy company called Global Experts Industry, GEI. He explained to me the educational program he had created, called B.O.R.N- Build Our Rainbow Nation. The aim of this program is skills transfer to the unemployable youth, in order to give them the opportunity to become entrepreneurs in their own right. He felt we could not sit back while the future of the country was put in the balance by a staggering 40% youth unemployment, lack of economic growth and lack of real chances of a better tomorrow for the millions of marginalized. He asked me if I would be interested to put my input in this.  
I have worked both in Europe and in SA, had been an entrepreneur and project manager in both continents, my sales job seemed irrelevant especially with such a initiative on the table. My employers and myself agreed to end my contract in good spirit and I started to work full time on making this the success that it HAD to become. 

Sarah van Schalkwyk owns a boutique 5 star market travel company called 4ExecutivesOnly. Through this company she came to know Mister Volker Heidtmann, who is a sales manager at Hellmann Poultry Equipment. She was invited to meet Hellmann Poultry's Management at an exhibition in Holland in 2018 and was subsequently asked to investigate the possibility of Hellmann entering the South African poultry equipment market.  We started to study the product line of Hellmann Poultry Equipment and especially the E-Cages.


A plan started to take shape: An all in business model- based om the B.O.R.N initiative and the E-Cages from Hellmann Poultry Equipment-  put together 'In-A-Box'; with everything in it and on it- for aspiring entrepreneurs to start off as well as possible. A Business In-A-Box.

Bart Onderweegs, Project leader.

+27 81 271 2506


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